cpxqy Nex-6870 UHF Long-range reader 2018-03-21T17:32:15+08:00

Reader characteristics:

  • Compatible ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C (EPC-GEN2) protocol standards
  • Reading/writing tag capability: reading up to 6m, writing is 60% of read reading (depend on different tag)
  • Reader supports multi-tag identify, single tag read, tag write, lock and kill tag
  • IP level:

    level 56

  • Operating mode:


  • Communication interface:

    RS232/485,Wergand 26/32/34, RJ45 (TCP/IP)(Optional)

  • Reading range: 


  • Power consumption:


  • Protocol:

    ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2)

  • RF power output:

    0 to 30dBm, software configurable

  • Input:

    1 triggering input

  • Output Power:

    30dbm (software can be adjustable)

  • Material:


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