Description:Nex-3002A is a type of non-direction active reader, applying in wide alleyway, far distance, quick identification, meeting the special demand of identification, tracking and reading many tags simultaneously.

  • Operation Frequency:

    2.4GHz-2.5M ISM Microwave band

  • Wireless Transmission Rate:


  • Operation Mode:

    Read tag only

  • Receipting Sensitivity:


  • Identify Mode:

    Directional identification, horizontal 60℃,vertical 60℃

  • Indentify Speed:

    in 80KM/h

  • Wrong probability:

    one in ten million

  • Communication Mode:

    Dynamically encrypt mode

  • Signal Modulation mode:


  • Microwave Communication Error Detection:

    CRC8 Cyclic Redundancy Check

  • RF power:


  • Indentify Range:

    0~80m (depends on tag power)

  • Anti- confliction:

    >100 cards at the same time

  • Sound Indication:

    Buzzer built-in

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